Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Saying fuck it.

There's Alyosha as we sped to Brighton Beach to snag some Russian pastries and chocolates for our private Halloween extravaganza. That is, the extravaganza involving "Just Friends" on HBO, sitting on my bed eating Thai delivery. Ah, this is the life.

My birthday was just about perfect. Alyosha got me two rings: one for my birthday, another for our anniversary. The two occasions coincide, which is a long story (it involves partial infidelity and impulsively fleeing New York). We went out to Uncle Vanya and ordered two beers, and I didn't get a chance to take advantage of my ID. This is because Alyosha ordered and he never gets carded. Have I mentioned that he's 9 months younger than me?

I had emailed one of my instructors to inform him I wouldn't be in class. Instead of giving him a bullshit excuse ("I have a 24 hour bug, oops") I told him the truth. I'd be out celebrating my birthday and anniversary. I jokingly added that he should feel free to scold me. He responded by scolding me. He complained that I would now be missing two classes in a row because he'll be in Chicago next week. I don't understand why he's blaming me for that. Um, I'm paying for this class? And, it's overpriced?* And, why should he get his knickers in a knot when he's getting paid anyway? I'm so tempted to put his full name here but he's somewhat famous/infamous and he probably Googles himself because he's a narcassistic poopoo. Psht. I may be Asian, but no amount of As or 4.0s could've swayed me to go to class.

Later today, we're going to Atlantic City. So far we've booked one night, but we may end up staying longer, depending on how much we oversleep the next morning. I'm saying "fuck it!" to everything else, and the view from here is breathtaking.

*My university is one of the most uselessly expensive ones in the country, can you guess which it is?


Blogger warcrygirl said...

Happy belated birthday! And since you're either new to blogging (or this particular blog is new) (hell, you're both new to me, to there) I welcome you. Happy Nov 1st and NaBloPoMo!

7:29 AM  

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