Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Given my age and lack of experience, you'd think people wouldn't just want to drop their contact information and "talent" onto me as if I could do something for them. I was at the grocery store down the block, and the guy at the deli counter made a joke about what I was buying from him (2 chicken breaded breasts) - "Is this dinner?" And I answered him honestly, that I don't cook because I don't have the time. Of course he then asked me if I went to school, and then what I study.

Sometimes I hate telling people what my major is. In the beginning, no one would be able to understand what I was actually saying (Germanic writing?). So then I revised the official title of my major to be what it actually is: screenwriting. But then there were some people who (I kid you not) asked what that was. Writing plays? Shudder, no. Now I tell people it's "film writing" because you can't go wrong with that. And then the dams open and suddenly I'm shouldering the responsibilities of a dozen "aspiring" somethings. I'm an aspiring bottle of water. So what?

The guy at the deli counter. His face broke into a smile and said that that's what I want to do! I smiled back politely, my mind struggling in defeat - it was starting, the downward battle between me and a dream-filled, inspiration-filled, newest genius in filmmaking. Could I look at his screenplays? He has like 73 different ideas. Whole buckets full of material. Money saved up to buy a Canon XL. No physical film to show me yet, though. Do I have a card?

Then he mentioned that he has ideas for something that rang bells in my head. I'm interning at a big name studio, and my supervisors told me that if I ever come across something good, not to run away from it and to invite new talent. Upon hearing that I intern there, the deli guy gave me 3 phone numbers - he doesn't have email. He reminded me, "You have a boyfriend, right? Well, make sure he doesn't see this paper and think I'm hitting on you! This is strictly business." Underneath his phone numbers, he wrote "Aspiring Filmmaker."

Wink wink, wide smile, nod of the head.

Who knows? Maybe he's the next big thing.


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