Monday, November 06, 2006

Distance learning.

So, my boyfriend is driving back home to Ohio. I'm stuck here on this lonely island. Both of us are slowly having to adapt again to our university student lifestyles. All day I've had a throbbing headache; my body's unsure of what to make of the hedonistic nonstopness of last week. I have an annoying amount of schoolwork to do. In a word, bleak. Or, BLECH.

We've got a long distance relationship. Although we went to the same high school, he's in Cincinnati and I stayed in New York. I hate that term, long distance relationship. It's got dreadful connotations... sad phone calls, rare visits, expensive airfare, general missing and yearning. My previous relationship was also long distance. It involved two or three annual visits, wrathful phone calls (wrathful on my end, meek and passive on his), and I'd constantly nitpick at all the things that were wrong about him. 2 and a half years into the relationship, I got back in touch with Lex, also referred to as Alyosha (his real name is Aleksey), through Facebook. Facebook connects everyone. He was everything I was looking for, and still is. Unfortunately, he's 700 miles away. Fortunately, he's agressive, loves to speed, and loves me. That makes for a delightful combination that equals in us seeing each other pretty often for a long distance relationship.

For those that believe long distance doesn't work, I can agree, but only because long distance is a factor just like any other setback in any relationship. It doesn't work when it becomes the one defining factor. With that said, it's always depressing when he leaves. But always the optimist, he always reminds me that we're lucky to have someone to miss. Yeah, we are. And I believe we'll be a success story. Don't you just hate those?


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