Thursday, November 23, 2006

Long time! No see!

I didn't blog for like a week. Oops. It was partly an accident, but the end result is, I'm not eligible to go forward in NaBloPoMo. What can I say? It was worth it, though.

It happened like this. Last Wednesday, I made spur of the moment plans to meet up with a few of my friends after work. By that time it was already almost 7pm and I was aware that I only had 5 more hours left to blog. We went to a hookah bar near my school called Sahara East, where we enjoyed falafels, fries, overpriced drinks, oh - and hookah. We left at around 10:30, and I now only had an hour and a half to blog, but get this: I had forgotten all about it. We trekked our way to one of our friends' dorms on Canal Street and here is a block to represent the information of what happened there for the next 3 hours which I'm not allowed to talk about on this public blog:

And suddenly it was already Thursday and I hadn't blogged. Shit. But then Thursday was my last day of work and when I got home I had to get ready for a film shoot that was taking place on Friday, and by Saturday I was so pooped from the film shoot that I slept until 4 in the afternoon and hardly even turned on my computer, and Sunday I was out of the apartment all day and ate a really big dinner and Monday I don't even remember what happened on Monday.

Which brings us to today, which happens to be Thanksgiving. I'm sitting at the dining room table in my parents' house, looking into the kitchen where the oven is. Inside the oven is a turkey. It's warm here.


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